Gyaatei Gozen “Special set meal”
– 2,500 yen –

Seasonal Obanzai set meal with a Variety of Colors. Please enjoy the seasonal side dishes that are carefully prepared by our chef using fresh ingredients. Our specialty, domestically-produced Saikyo pickled roast beef aged for 10 days, and a luxurious set meal that includes our homemade sweets. You can also change the white rice to yuba-don for an additional 350 yen.

+350 yen to change to our special “Yuba” (tofu skin) rice bowl.

“This is our specialty “Yuba” (tofu skin) rice bowl. It is a superb dish with a soft and gentle flavored “Yuba” with a thick and smooth sauce that perfectly blends with the rice.

Our commitment to rice

At our restaurant, we take great care in selecting the best quality rice for our dishes. We use only premium-grade, domestically grown rice that is carefully washed and cooked to perfection.


Kyoto local sake tasting set, 1,200 yen.

This is a set of Kyoto local sake that features a variety of unique and distinctive flavors, including sake made from aged rice and red rice.

Local beer (Karuo-su, Mattari) 800 yen.

Our special craft beer, “Karousu,” has a refreshing and crisp taste, while “Mattari” offers a mellow and rich flavor. Both are available for 800 yen.

Kyoto Chu-hai (Japanese cocktail) Yuzu/Plum, each 600 yen.

Uji green tea plum wine 800 yen

Kyoto plum wine (Kyoto Umeshu) – 800 yen.

Kyoto local sake Junmai sake 800 yen.